Saturday, October 20, 2007

3 Charleston Chicks, and a Guy

We had a blast in Charleston. These are just some candid shots of the fun.

SC Aquarium

After visiting Edisto, we headed to the SC Aquarium. What a beautiful place. It is located right on the water. We enjoyed viewing all of the fish, picking up several sea creatures, and acting goofy at photo ops.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Releasing Edisto

The SC Aquarium has a turtle resue section that they take in turtles found around the area. They nurse them back to health and release them back to their natural environemnt.

While in Charleston, we were lucky to see a rescued sea turtle released back into the ocean. Edisto was found in May near Edisto Beach. He had a crab net wrapped around a back flipper. The Edisto Fire Marshall helped in the rescue efforts. He was one of the six men that lifted Edisto off of the truck and bring him down the beach. Edisto was a little reluctant to go into the water. The director of the Turtle Hospital wet a towel and squeezed it out over his shell. It made him move every time. He eventually made it to the water and went back to where he belongs.

Congratulations, Edisto.

Happy Birthday, Rebecca

It's official. Rebecca has made it to the double digits. She turned 10 on the 13th. We spent the weekend in Charleston. I think she really enjoyed her birthday.

This birthday was a Webkinz birthday. She received a frog, goose, white poodle, and money to buy another one. She also bought a cow and spotted frog. She loves them all.

Here are 10 reasons I love you, Rebecca:
10. You are funny.
9. You are a loyal friend.
8. You are good at math.
7. You love to snuggle.
6. You are good with little children.
5. You love to shop.
4. You enjoy spending time with family.
3. You want things immediately.(Just like me.)
2. You say whatever is on your mind without worrying about who is around you. (Just like your dad.)
1. You are an awesome daughter.!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Terrible Twos

1. Two names you go by: Kelli & Mrs. Liles
2. Two things you are wearing right now: t-shirt, boxers
3. Two things you want in a relationship: love, give and take
4. Two of your favorite things to do: surf the net, take a nap

5. Two things you want very badly at this moment: for my house to be clean, my lesson plans done
6. Two pets you had/have: Kirby, Levi
7. Two movie stars you would like to meet: MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY Anthony Hopkins

8. Two things you did last night: Watched Clemson get beat, misc. school stuff
9. Two people that live in your house: Eric and Rebecca
10. Two people you talked to last: Eric and Rebecca
11. Two things you're doing tomorrow: Teaching, going to "Learning Club" at school
12. Two longest car rides: GA to Miami, NC to Disney
13. Two of your favorite holidays: Christmas, Halloween

14. Two favorite beverages: Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi