Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Annual Clemson/ South Carolina Rivalry

Every year South Carolina is buzzing the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It is the date of the annual rival football game of Clemson vs. Carolina. The winner of the game is given bragging rites for the next year.

Rebecca's teacher is a huge South Carolina fan. We are big Clemson fans. The two of them have jabbed each other all year about which was the best team. Before the Thanksgiving holiday, Mr. Mishoe,made a bet with his accelerated math class. He said that he would wear a Clemson shirt to school on Monday if Clemson won the ballgame. If the Gamecocks won, Rebecca and her Clemson buddies (including me) would have to wear garnet and black to school.

Rebecca could not wait to get to school today to hand over a new Clemson Tiger ORANGE t-shirt for Mr. Mishoe to wear. He took it all in stride and was a good sport. Rebecca thought he was the coolest teacher for doing it.

Maybe next year, Mr. Mishoe......

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving-Round 1

We began the whirl wind Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday with Eric's family. We saw cousins, aunts, and uncles that we haven't seen in years. The food was overflowing and fun was had by all.

Eric's Fried Turkey

Rebecca and Katie

Brian Masters the Wii Boxing Game

The Gibbs Clan: (BR)Randy,Kathy,Deb, MawMaw, Becky, Perry (Front)Donna

The Liles'

Corey Checking Out the Girls on MySpace

Friday, November 16, 2007

Doughnuts For Dad

Our elementary school hosted Doughnuts for Dad this week. Eric brought Rebecca to school this morning and they went to the media center for doughnuts. They were treated to yummy powdered doughnuts.

After eating, they visited the book fair. As usual, Rebecca talked her daddy into "just one more book". They also filled one of my book wishes. They do it every year. I love them for it.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tiger Time

Eric scored free tickets to the Clemson vs. Wake Forest game on Saturday. We took along Rebecca's friend, Lexi. It was Lexi's first visit to Death Valley. We had incredible seats. We were lucky to park right on the front row of parking at the stadium. Our game seats were behind the glass. What a great view of the field. The girls enjoyed watching the cheerleaders, the band, and all of the orange.

The Tiger Does Push Ups For a Touchdown

Future Clemson Girls

Home, Home on the Range

Eric had the opportunity to go to South Dakota on a pheasant hunt. He and his boss, Alan, caught an airplane on Tuesday morning. They enjoyed hunting for 3 days in the South Dakota Plains. The main purpose was to hunt for pheasants. On Friday, they threw in a coyote hunt. They saw A LOT of land, pheasants, buffalo, cows, and the Missouri River.

A Beautiful South Dakota Sunset

The Missouri River

Pheasants on the Hay

The Brave Hunters and Their Kill

Eric and his Friends

The Almighty Buffalo

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween

We have a big neighborhood, thus a LOT of trick-or-treaters. I had 2 large bowls full of candy. I put the dog in his crate and sat outside to give out candy. It was so much fun to see all of the cute trick or treaters.

Eric and Rebecca walked around the neighborhood with Rebecca's friend, Lexi. They had a great time.

Rebecca wanted to be a pirate again this year. She came up with the poses for the pictures.
The Pirate

The Dead Pirate

I'm Ready to Go

Rebecca and Lexi

Pumpkin Carving

Rebecca and I hurried home from school on Wednesday to carve our pumpkins. Pumpkin carving is NOT one of my fortays, so I purchased a special kit at Wal Mart. The kit contained the carving tools and stickers to help you carve. Rebecca and I selected the pattern we wanted and got started. Rebecca was not too excited about cleaning out the pumpkin.

Then, we put the stickers on the pumpkins and carved around them. Let me tell you...that's the way to carve a pumpkin.

Rebecca's Pumpkin

Kelli's Pumpkin

The Final Product

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Rebecca is so much like me. When I was young, I would hound my mom about appointments. She tells me that I would ask her about going to the dentist exactly 6 months from the time of my last visit. I wouldn't let up about it until I knew when I was going. Rebecca is the same way. She has been after me forever about going to the eye doctor.

I finally took her a couple of weeks ago because she couldn't stand it that I was going to be going. She had a slight need for glasses. The eye doctor said she could/could not wear them. it wouldn't hurt her if she did/didn't. She assured me she would wear them if we got them. She has been true to her word so far.