Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Break-Week 3

Okay...this week hasn't been as productive. I am ashamed to admit that I am addicted to Facebook Farmtown. It has consumed many hours of my life this week. Having said that, here are a few things I've done this week:
*Transfer/convert Mother-in-Laws cassettes
*Uploaded pictures(tons) to Shutterfly
*Attended a PTO board meeting
*Played taxi driver to cheerleading practice, ACX open gym, and Renegade All Star practice
*Watered plants
*Cooked dinner : )
*Completed album 1 of Rebecca's scrapbook for the year 1999-2000.
*Spent countless hours on facebook farmtown
*Read 1 book
*Went swimming with the family

The summer is going by quickly. It won't be long before I start heading to the school to set up my NEW classroom!!

Friday, June 26, 2009


I know we've all heard the saying...things happen in 3's. That has been the case this week. We have lost 3 legands in the entertainment world. Today's generation doesn't quite understand the impact Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson had on our youth. These entertainers brought much joy to our lives. They will be truly missed. May they rest in peace.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Eric enjoyed a very quiet and relaxing Father's Day. We fixed him pancakes, bacon, and fruit for breakfast. He enjoyed the rest of the day on the couch. We waited on him all day long. I think it was exactly what he needed!!

We found him a new workout bag. His other two had split in a couple of places.When his shorts literally fell off of him the other day, we decided it was time for new pants. He has gone down ANOTHER size!! We're so proud of him.

Summer Break-Week 2

* Read 3 books
*Listened to part of an audiobook
*Took Rebecca to Spartanburg
*Went to the doctor
*Had blookwork done
*Had a foot x-ray
*Had a chest x-ray
*Had a cat scan
*Completed 35 pages in Rebecca's scrapbook(VERY simple pages)
*Rode Rebecca's bike
*Pampered Eric on Father's Day
*Layed out at the pool-got totally burned on my back
*Organized Rebecca's school papers for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade
*Uploaded photos to Shutterfly for backup reasons

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's A Dog's Life

Whenever my pool boy(Eric) back washes the pump, it pumps water into the yard. D.J. loves when he does it. D.J. will go lay down right where the water pumps. I caputred the moment yesterday. Must be nice to be a dog.

Summer Break-Week 1

*Cleaned house
*Hosted a Thirty-One Party
*Attended Everday Math training
*Read 2 books
*Completed 12 pages in my Teaching Career Scrapbook-up to date now
*Completed 7 pages in Rebecca's scrapbook
*Was in bed by 12 every night(For those that know me well-that's early for me)
*Took Rebecca shopping for summer clothes
*Took Rebecca roller skating

*Found my good jewelery that I thought I had thrown out when unpacking from the move 2 years ago.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Rebecca went to the lake tonight with her friend, Hannah. They enjoyed going out on jet ski. Rebecca wasn't sure about going tubing, but apparently gave in. Here's the picture she sent me in a text message. Eric is sure that she will come home wanting a jet ski and boat with a tube on the back.

Lost Memories

Those of you that know me, know that I am an avid picture taker. I am seen with a camera wherever I go. Four years ago, Eric gave me a nice Cannon digital Rebel camera for Christmas. It takes the best pictures. I especially love the action shots I'm able to capture.

I took it to school with me to take pictures of my children on field day. They were the last set of pictures I needed for their scrapbooks. I was able to take some amazing pictures. When I was viewing them at home, I was sad to see that the last 2 pictures I took were overexposed. I thought maybe it was the memory card.

Fast forward to Literacy night. I took the camera out and the battery was dead. It should not have been, because I had just charged it. Thank goodness I had my little pocket camera.

I charged the battery and took the camera to Rebecca's car wash. I took several pictures of the girls. Guess what...they were over exposed.

I took the camera to Best Buy the next day. Luckily, my camera was still under warranty from the extended service plan we bought. They shipped it off. I received it Monday of this week and it works like a charm. I am sooo glad to have my good camera back. Now to make more memories....

Projects and Awards

The last week of school was a busy one in the Liles' house. I was busy finishing up end of the year paper work, packing up my classroom(I get to move into a BIG room for next year.), and trying to survive with 22 very excited 5/6 year olds. Eric had pneumonia all week and was at home running a fever for 4 days. Rebecca had a project to present and awards day. I was able to leave during my school day and attend both things. I love being able to go and see what she is doing at the middle school.

Her presentation was in social studies. They did all of the work at school on the photostory, so I didn't even know what she had done. I was very proud of her for going above and beyond what was required. She wound up doing a photostory, a postcard, and a game. Her social studies grade was riding on this project. I am happy to say that she made a 97 on the project and a B in the class. We were sweating that one.

Teaching Us How To Play The Game

The 6th grade award's ceremony was held on Thursday. She received an award for making A/B honor roll all year long. Along with the certificate, they were given a medal too. I joked with the adults around me saying the medal was mine for all we endured this year.

Her 6th Grade Teachers

Rebecca receiving her award

It was a big adjustment for all of us this year. Rebecca was in all accelerated classes. Science and social studies were a struggle for her. She did great on projects, labs, and class work. I'm afraid she's like her momma when it comes to testing. It just doesn't come easily to her. She knows what to do (after MUCH trial and error) to study for a test and do well on it. We hope that next year will be easier for her since she now knows what needs to be done to succeed.

Having said all of that, she did AWESOME in sixth grade. I'm very proud of her. Not only did she do well with grades, she kept a good head on her shoulders. She was not swayed to do what the "in" crowd was doing. She made her own decisions. I pray that trend continues.
Ready for 7th Grade
Rebecca, Lexi, and Hannah


Rebecca's cheerleading squad had a car wash fundraiser a couple of weeks ago. When it was over, Rebecca invited the girls to come over and go swimming. We had about 12 (screaming) girls in the pool. Their favorite thing to do was stunt. Some of the girls that are not usually "flyers" (the one that gets thrown up in the air) tried it out in the water. I think they all had a blast.

I Can Fly
Just Goofing Off
Crowd Surfing