Monday, July 12, 2010


Eric had a SC Poultry Federation conference in Hilton Head this past weekend. We were all excited about the chance to go to the beach, especially since it was paid for!! We had hoped we would have our foster children by this time so they could go with us. It didn't work out as planned, but Rebecca's best friend did go with us.

Here are the girls ready to go out to eat with some of Eric's salesmen.
Mark and Mitchell took us to eat at The Bonefish Grill. After enjoying yummy appetizers and an entree, we ordered dessert. Eric ordered the brownie with ice cream. It was the largest brownie I have ever seen in my life. With the exception of a few bites, Eric ate the whole thing.

The girls had been planning their adventures for weeks. They planned to go down to the beach at night and check things out. Let's just say it is VERY dark on the beach at night. Thank goodness for the illumination of a cell phone. They wrote in the sand and walked in the water.

After breakfast at IHop we ventured back to the beach. It was pretty crowded. I decided we should sit close to the water. Bad idea. The tide kept moving up on the sand. We must have moved our things back at least 10 times.

Oh to have these figures again!!

One of their plans was to build a sandcastle. They may have filled the bucket one time a piece. They didn't build a sandcastle. : (
We bought boogie boards from the resort gift shop. They took them out to the water, but brought them back to me because there weren't many waves.
Here they are posing for a facebook profile picture.
It's really hard to see, but there was a jellyfish that washed up on the sand. They decided it would be cool to touch it. Thank goodness it was dead. Lexi wanted to take it home with her, but decided to leave it in the ocean.
The S.C. Poultry Federation had a dinner at the resort. Here we are "dressed up" for the event. The dinner wasn't my favorite. Dessert was great. After dinner, a hypnotist did a show. Eric was a participant and the life of the show. He really did go "under". He was hilarious. Unfortunately, there are no pictures because they said no flash photography.
We actually found sand dollars in the water. We used our feet to find them. We found a ton of them. Some of them even had teeny tine crabs on them. It was pretty amazing. I have never found sand dollars at the beach before.

Rebecca and Lexi talked Eric into letting them bury him in sand. He is one crazy man.
I was fortunate to get to visit with a former student. His family moved to Nashville the year after we moved back to North Carolina. I saw the mom's status on Facebook that they were headed to Hilton Head on vacation. We chatted back and forth and decided to meet up. Seth has gotten much taller and has a really deep voice. It was great to see the entire family.
Before we went out to eat on Saturday night, the girls started horsing around with Eric. They were popping each other with towels and climbing all over him. Here is Lexi on top of Eric's shoulders.
The complex manager for Columbia Farms took all of the Columbia Farm employees and their families out to eat on Saturday night. We enjoyed seafood at Scott's Fish Market. The best part of the meal was dessert. They had my all time favorite dessert: Kentucky Derby pie. Oh my. I haven't had it in a long time. I enjoyed every drop of it.
It was a great long weekend mini-vacation. I hope we'll get to go again. Thanks, Columbia Farms.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Nation's Birthday

We enjoyed a quiet Fourth of July. My parents came down to spend a few days with us since we couldn't go up there. We did made the All-American meal for dinner-hamburgers, corn on the cob, and home made salsa from our garden tomatoes. We enjoyed home made ice cream for dessert. A local church put on a great fireworks display.

I am so lucky to live in a free country. Thank you to the men, women, and their families that fight for my freedom.

God Bless America.

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